"Before men ever wrote in clay, they cast their words in verse and line,

rythymbound in poets' minds, defying time and age."

--Dave Beard

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I was pleasantly surprised with the Fill-the-Blank Poetry workshop. As a child, I loved writing poems. However, I always had a hard time deciding where to start! I had trouble brainstorming ideas and always wanted my poems to rhyme. This workshop helped open my eyes to the variety of poems that can be done in the classroom. It expanded my knowledge on poems, refreshed my memory on some important literary concepts (e.g., personification, alliteration, etc.), and allowed me to gain a little more confidence in writing poems. It also made me really comprehend that not all poems need to rhyme! I loved that the poems in the workshot had an easy-to-follow format but still allowed children to show creativity. As I read through the diverse set of poems, I couldn't help but recall my own experiences with writing similiar types of poems as a student. It was neat to revisit those memories. There are a few poems I still had trouble with an could not complete (e.g., Simile, Questad) simply because I had trouble of thinking of ideas. I think after writing a few poems, my creative juices started to decrease a bit. I included some of the types of poems I tried out myself during the workshop. They appear below. I am excited to implement some of these techniques in my future classroom, as well as share my own examples!

One of the links was broken in the website, but I managed to find a website with similar information:
I hope you enjoy reading my poems as much as I enjoyed writing them! More to come later, as I have time to try other forms out.

If I… Poem
If I had wings…
I would fly to the beach just to see the sunrise.
I would soar into the bluest skies.
I would race the birds to the highest tower.
I would sit on a cloud during a spring rain shower.
I would go so high and never look back
Until I got hungry and needed a snack.
---Jillian P

Synonym Poetry:
Automobile, machine, wheels
A thing eats money and gas for meals.
---Jillian P.

Exaggeration Poem
My Grandpa is better than Your Grandpa
My grandpa is better than your grandpa.
He is so athletic that when he was a child he walked 92 miles to school and back every day uphill BOTH ways.
He makes such good coffee that I don’t feel sleepy for days.
He gives the best hugs that even when I leave, I can still feel them for weeks.
My grandpa is better than your grandpa.
---Jillian P.

Make Your Own Tongue Twister
Stanley Stine stole a shoe (A)
That Sarah Sue was selling (B)
Sarah Sue screamed and shout (A)
So Stanley set off running (B)
--Jillian P.

Anti-smoking Poem

Smoker's Epitaph

Here lies Sam Shay
Smoked six packs a day.
He started smoking when he was two.
Now the only words he can say are “boo.”
--Jillian P.

The opposite of happiness
Is when ink spills on your new dress.
---Jillian P.

What is the opposite of upbeat?
Maybe it is when your coffee mug falls when you are crossing the street.
---Jillian P.

Line 1: Jillian
Line 2: Outgoing, honest, driven, and loyal
Line 3: Daughter of Diane
Line 4: Lover of yoga, hiking, and skiing
Line 5: Who feels blessed, worried, and tired
Line 6: Who needs love, belonging, and safety
Line 7: Who fears loneliness, heights, and spiders
Line 8: Who gives hugs, compliments and time to others
Line 9: Who would like to see Italy, the Pacific Ocean and world happiness
Line 10: Resident of Ohio
Line 11: Press

Sense Poem
Title: Laundry
I see bulky whites with free-form grays and pale blues
I hear screetch, band, blop, ka-thunk
I feel smooth, damp, and squishy
I smell freshness and clean
I taste soapy, tart, and nose-scrunching
I know this large, thick mess is never-ending
---Jillian P.

I used to be… A Metaphor Poem
I used to be a mask,
A master of disguise.
But now I am a picture,
Displayed so beautifully.
---Jillian P.

Poem with Personification
Emotion Poem- Peace

I saw peace so visibly.
She was tall yet frail.
She turned gracefully without falter.
I saw her silver skin and light blue eyes
And heard her whisper softly.
And I felt at ease.
---Jillian P.

Why Poem
My fiancé
Rigorously types and types on his computer
On the soft, blue couch in his apartment
Every afternoon
He works hard to succeed in his classes.
---Jillian P.